Located just outside Las Vegas & available for acquisition or joint venture.
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Chaparral Limestone and Cement Company would like to welcome you to our new website. Over the past three years we have been lucky enough to acquire real estate in Las Vegas that presents an unparalleled investment opportunity. As you get to know us and become familiar with this property we have no doubt that you will also see the potential that this land presents.

Some of the basic facts…

Las Vegas is the only major metropolitan area in the United States without a local Portland cement manufacturing facility. As of now, Las Vegas pays to have cement imported. This has created the perfect environment for a successful cement company to take root. Local and federal officials have had overwhelmingly favorable opinions about the proposition of a state of the art cement manufacturing company and locals are craving the positive economic impact that a cement manufacturing company could bring.

Not only does this property come with a community ready to support a new company but temperate climate also provides the perfect working conditions for a company to be able to work any time of year. Average temperatures range from 45 degrees at the coldest time of year to 95 degrees during the warmest time of year.

The property is essentially the only viable calcium carbonate deposit that is open to mining. Located next to Interstate 15 and main railways, this property would provide easy access to product shipping.

As you continue to get to know our property, it will speak for itself. A rare combination of many unique factors makes this property well worth investigating. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We would love to get to know you and show you why Chaparral Limestone and Cement Company is so valuable.