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Looking at the Many Faces of Limestone

Posted on 13 Aug 2013 in About | Comments Off on Looking at the Many Faces of Limestone

When a vast majority of people hear the word “limestone,” they will typically automatically think of construction material or polished stone for use in construction projects.  While construction and construction materials is certainly one functionality of limestone, the reality is that limestone is commonly used in a wide-reaching way in a vast verity of products.

The first, and again, most commonly thought of uses for Nevada limestone are those uses associated with construction.  But unlike the initial presumption of limestone being used in the creation of cement, limestone is used in many differing ways within the construction industry itself.

Limestone Quarry

For example, limestone is used as construction crews build roadways, foundations for all different forms of infrastructure, and as an aggregate for the creation of concrete (different than its use in the creation of cement, which is an ingredient in concrete).  But the uses of limestone stretch far beyond construction methods, and can even be found in some common house hold items that people may not have ever assumed help limestone within them.

One of the more common uses of Nevada limestone is in the production of toothpaste.  That is right; there is limestone in most common toothpastes.

The limestone acts as an abrasive component and as a filler for most toothpaste products.  In addition to one’s toothpaste, many people may be surprised to learn that limestone is often an additive component of many food supplements.

Limestone holds great reserves of calcium, which is one of the main elements that composes limestone, and is used in food additives and food supplements to provide people with their calcium needs.  And to think, some individuals told their kids not to eat rocks but were doing it themselves all along.

Other common, although not readily known, uses of limestone in the daily life of individuals include uses in the manufacture of medicinal antacids, molten iron, acidic soil neutralizers, the purification of sugar and molten glass, the construction of brake pads, roofing shingles, counter tops, and limestone is even used in the whitening process of common paper.  All of these uses combined should show individuals how little they knew about the many functionalities and the great usefulness of limestone in everyday life.

photo credit: Shandchem via photopin