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Caring for Your Pet Rock

Posted on 10 Sep 2013 in Rock News | Comments Off on Caring for Your Pet Rock

If you are a parent, your child may go through a state where they want to have a pet rock. While this may seem weird to you, it can be very fun for children to have a pet rock. Here are a few fun tips that you can talk about with your children so that they have a fun pet rock experience.

Pet Rock

If your child needs help finding a pet rock, you shouldn’t fear. You can go to any yard that has rocks in it and pick one up. You may want to ask the owners of the yard and make sure it is alright that you took a rock from their yard. Most people shouldn’t mind though, especially if the rock is going to be a child’s pet rock. If you live near a rock quarry, you could also try finding one there. If you child is concerned about finding a unique rock, a quarry might be your best bet for finding a unique rock. A rock from someone’s yard or garden is probably going to be somewhat generic.

Once your child has found a rock that they want to be their pet rock, try making a home for the pet rock. You can purchase a cheap aquarium or container and set the pet rock inside. Try making the aquarium a comfortable setting for the rock. You could put flowers, plants, sand, and other things inside the aquarium to make it feel more like a home. You can even think of creative names for the pet rock with your child.

Your child may even want to put a small food and water dish inside the home so the rock has something to eat and drink. If you really want to be creative, you could even tie a string around the rock and talk it on a walk with your child. Your child is sure to have hours of fun playing with their pet rock.

Photo Credit: shell belle